Best Trimmers for Men in India Under 1000

Trimmer is a small electronic device that will help you to trim your hair at home. It is not required to go to barbers place for shaving or trimming. Buying a trimmer can reduce your salon expenses by about 70% in a year. Everyone likes to have a smooth face with a clean shave or a stylish cut. There are some modern trimmers available in the market. This type of trimmers are well designed and developed by which anyone can shave like an expert barber.

But you can not be an expert with every trimmer. Some of the trimmers are exceptional and very expensive. It is extremely important to know which one is perfect for you. Here in this article, we have mentioned the best trimmer for men in India under 1000.

Top 7 Best Beard Trimmer in India 2020

S.No. Products Listing Links
1 Philips QT4011/15 Cordless and Cord Beard Trimmer
2 Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Men’s Beard and Hair Trimmer
3 Nova NHT-1071 Titanium Coated USB Trimmer for Men
4 Kemei KM-27C Rechargeable Hair Trimmer for Men and Women
5 HESLEY Men’s Beard Trimmer Cordless
6 Syska HT300 Hair and Beard Trimmer
7 Braun MGK3020-6-in-One Multi Grooming and Trimmer

1. Philips QT4011/15 Cordless and Cord Beard Trimmer

Philips QT4011/15 Cordless and Cord Beard Trimmer


Philips is very famous for building electronics goods for the everyday customer for over 127 years. Philips QT4011/15 is the best trimmer in the list of trimmers from Philips. It is an awesome product due to its performance and long warranty period. This device is a perfect device for students, bachelor, and travelers.

It works in both ways cordless and with cord. There is an amazing technology named Dura Power Technology which is present in this device. The purpose of this technology is it manages the setting of power through which it is 4 times faster than a normal trimmer. It has a long-lasting and powerful performance due to the running time of the battery. This trimmer can work 90 minutes after a full charge of the battery. This is the best trimmer for men.

Also, it has a battery indicator. You will get to know the capacity of the battery through the red and green color battery indicator light. When these lights blink you will get to see the capacity of the battery. When the device is out of battery there is a cord that will rescue you.

The Philips QT4011/15 trimmer has 20 length settings. You have to set the size of the trim by the speed settings. Furthermore, this trimmer is self-sharpening. The blades are made of titanium. By using the titanium blade you will get the neat and clean shaven. It will smooth your skin. You can clean the trimmer with water without getting any fear of damaging it.

A travel pouch will be provided with the product through which you can carry it very easily. This product has the longest warranty with 2+1 years of manufacturing warranty. If you register on the website of Philips you will get an additional 1-year warranty.

Features –

  • Dura power technology.
  • stylish and ergonomic designs.
  • Self Sharpening.
  • 2+1 Years of warranty.
  • Long-lasting features.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 20 Sub length settings.
  • Pouch for storing the trimmer.

2. Nova NHT-1071 Titanium Coated USB Trimmer for Men

Nova NHT-1071 Titanium Coated USB Trimmer for Men


This is the second product in this list. Nova NHT-1071 has the blades with titanium coated. The charging system of the device is USB based. This is an amazing product because you will get this product at a low price with all features. Nova is a titanium blade trimmer. It is the perfect shaving kit for the bachelors and students those who necessitate perfect trim. It can cut your skin due to too much pressure while using this in no comb option.

The battery which is provided with the trimmer is USB based. It takes the time of 8 hours to fully charged. After this, you can trim for 45 minutes. It has both options of cordless and with cord. Its turbo power technology differentiates it from any other device. The device lasts 5 times longer than any other device.

You can easily detach the head part and clean easily. It has a unique lift feature during the time of cutting it will lift your hair. It is 35 % more efficient than any other trimmer with the same features available in the market.

Now talking about the length settings of the device, It has 9 length settings. If there is any issue in it this device will give you a fine trim. Moreover, this device has a feature of a safety lock. You can set it in a length number as per your requirement. This product has 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty for any damages.

Features –

  • Turbo technology.
  • Titanium blades for the perfect cut.
  • The feature of the Safety lock.
  • Unique life feature.
  • Compact design.
  • You can remove the clean head part very easily.
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The charging port is USB based.

3. Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Men’s Beard and Hair Trimmer

Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Men’s Beard and Hair Trimmer


Panasonic ER-207-WK44B is the next product that comes in the priority list of the trimmer. Panasonic uses the blade with the feature of the stainless steel technology of Japanese blade technology. Its most functions match with the Philips QT4011/15. It has both features of cord and cordless. It is the perfect trimmer for students, bachelors, and travelers.

The performance of the blades is high and it can cut very smoothly. Due to the simplistic pivot head, you can shave in any direction as per your requirement. You can remove and clean the pivot head very easily.

In the cover package of the product, it is written that it is required to charge for 12 hours. But in reality, it will take 5 to 6 hours to fully charge. A small red indicator has been provided to monitor the status of charging. This is very much helpful for lazy guys.

This trimmer has an ergonomic S-shaped curved design which makes it handy. The controller of the trimmer is dial-based. The size settings of the trimmer are 2mm to 18 mm. It gives a better cut than a Philips trimmer. But the warranty duration of both trimmer is not the same. This product has 2 years manufacturer’s warranty. Another downside of the product is its battery life.

Features –

  • Corded and Cordless use.
  • 12 length settings.
  • 2 years of manufacturer’s settings.
  • S-shaped ergonomic.
  • High-performance blades with Japanese Blade technology.
  • Perfect and smooth trim cut.
  • length dial settings are easy to use.

4. Kemei KM-27C Rechargeable Professional Hair Trimmer for Men and Women

Kemei KM-27C Rechargeable Professional Hair Trimmer for Men and Women


This product is the most economic in the overall list. the Kemei KM-27C is a unisex trimmer. Both men and women can use the trimmer. It is small in size due to this you can carry it very easily. This is the ideal trimmer for travelers, students, and bachelors. You can use it both cordless and corded fashion. The device takes 3 hours while charging it. You can use it after 45 minutes of charging.

Now talking about the style and the design of the product. By using a bottle styled rotation dial the length settings of the device have been set.

You can detach the head part of the device as per your requirement. You can shave easily through it. It is travel-friendly due to the compact size of the trimmer. For this reason, this trimmer is very helpful for trims and shaves.

The model quality of the trimmer is not as good as compare to any other brands that are mentioned here. This product includes 4 different combs, brush for cleaning, cleaning oil which is specially formulated for the blades.

If there is any defect in the product, 6 months manufacturer’s warranty has been provided for this.

Features –

  • Unisex Usage.
  • Economic budget.
  • small and compact design.
  • 4 comb accessories.
  • Cost-effective.
  • This device can run 45 minutes without a cord.
  • Due to the compact size, the product is travel-friendly.

 5. Syska HT300 Hair and Beard Trimmer

Syska HT300 Hair and Beard Trimmer


Syska is very famous for its straightforward design of the products. The brand mainly focuses on the performance of the products. The Syska HT300 is black and it consists of a stainless steel blade with an adjustable comb.

stainless steel blades of the trimmers are self-sharpening. The blades are rounded as a result you will get an even and smooth cut without hurting the skin.

This device has 20 length setting adjustments. A centrally rotating dial is present in the middle portion of the trimmer. There is a lock in the length setting through which you can trim or shave without having any fear or mistake.

Now talking about the running capacity and the charging time of the trimmer, it takes approximately 8 hours for a full-time charge. But it runs approximately 35 minutes after the full charge of the device.

A small LED indicator bulb will indicate the state of the power in the trimmer. While the running is very less also, you can use this trimmer in the corded mode for compensation. The design of the trimmer is amazingly ergonomic. You can hold it very easily and you will get the hassle-free shave. You can wash the trimmer easily with water.

There is a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty if there are any damages in the device.

Features –

  • ergonomic design.
  • Pull stand to store and place the device.
  • Inbuilt stubble comb.
  • Self-sharpening blades.
  • 20 length settings.
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

6. HESLEY Men’s Beard Trimmer Cordless

HESLEY Men’s Beard Trimmer Cordless


There is another style of the trimmer in this list named Hesley’s red iron. The design of the product is robust and it is economical due to its style.

Most of the economical trimmers are ideal for students and bachelors.

There is a rechargeable battery, you can use it during the absence of electricity. It takes 8 to 9 hours for the full charge. Trimmer can run 45 minutes after it is charged. The device has 20 adjustable length lock-ins. The ranges are from 0.5 mm to 10 mm. You can adjust the length by a rotating dial. The rotating dial is present in the center part of the device.

Now talking about the accessories, there are special cleaning oil, 2 multi-purpose lengths adjustable comb and a tiny brush to clean the blades. You can remove the top head of the trimmer. The cleaning process is the same as any other trimmer.

The blades are made of stainless steel. It is perfect for cleaning. By using this trimmer you will not get any scratches and pulling in your skin.

This product has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty if there are any damages to the trimmer.

Features –

  • Economic pricing.
  • stylish design.
  • Stainless steel blades.
  • After 8 hours of charging the product runs 45 minutes.
  • brush and Cleaning oil provided.
  • single comb setting.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

7. Braun MGK3020-6-in-One Multi Grooming and Trimmer

Braun MGK3020-6-in-One Multi Grooming and Trimmer

Braun is a dedicated company for its grooming products. The brand is a subsidiary of Gillette. The Braun MGK3020-6 is a perfect hair trimming kit that summarizes facial hair required for a man.

BRAUN MGK3020 is the best trimmer for the people those who are specific about the facial hair. This product can contour, trim and gives a clean shave.

The design of the product is not modern. It compensates with the high performance, accessories, ergonomics and multipurpose. The super stainless steel blades are long-lasting and lifetime. You do not need pushing, pulling and toggling for the deeper shave.

This product has precision combs and it provides 13 length settings. For getting a clean shave you have to put it down to 0. The function of the trimmer is not only for the beard but also for head hair.

There is a clipper inside the trimmer which will help to set and cut your hair. The device takes 10 hours for the full charging. After the full charge, it will provide the run time of approximately 40 minutes. The run time of the trimmer is less than the premium-priced clippers and trimmers. But there is a corded performance beside it.

Simultaneously with the different types of combs, there is an oil and cleaning brush that comes in a box. You can wash the entire device by water or if you want you can wash it under a tap. You will get the 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on this product if there is any damage to it.

Features –

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Stainless steel blades.
  • 4 different sized combs.
  • Ear and nose hair trimming head.
  • Multi-purpose use kit.

Things to remember while buying this product

Taking an appointment in a saloon is time-consuming and spending on the pocket. An unkempt beard is a symbol of a lack of personality.

By using a trimmer you can save your money as well as you can maintain your beard. So in this below section, we have mentioned why you should buy a trimmer and the usage of it.

Types of the Trimmers

There are two different types of trimmers available in the market. These are foil type and rotary type.

Foil type trimmer: This type of trimmers are first invented electric shaver. There is a film of foil which is present in the trimmer. There are two sets of oscillating blades.

Rotary type trimmer: Philips has invented this type of trimmer for increasing the experience. The product name matches its features. There is a rotor blade which rotates while trimming or cutting the hair.

Both of the trimmers are great. If you desire to have a stylish beard, then go with the rotary trimmer for the flexible cutting of beard. But the rotary trimmers are not perfect for the clean-shaven.

If you like your face shave cleanly, easier and faster then go with the foil trimmer. This type of trimmer is faster than rotary trimmers. But you should keep in mind one thing that this type of shavers are noisy and can not work in a different direction. It can work only vertical and horizontal direction.

Cord Vs cordless:

A corded trimmer can be used as a power adapter.

In the case of the cordless trimmer, you have to plug from a charging station. It will charge a certain amount of time. After that, you can use it.

The corded trimmers are suitable for the longer trimming process. It will give you good portability and the trimmer is convenient. It depends on your personal choice according to your wish what type of trimmer you will prefer. This type of trimmer is difficult to maintain and clean.

There are some modern trimmers you can use it in dual purpose. In this trimmer, you will get two options of cord and cordless. The perfect example of this type of trimmer is Philips QT4011/15. You can use this trimmer while the time of charging. This type of trimmer is best for travelers, students and the people who always move.

Build quality:

If you spend thousands of bucks for buying a product with extraordinary features but the quality of the product is poor it will disappoint you. After a few numbers of uses, this type of trimmer got damaged.

Sometimes people think that if they spend a higher amount of money for buying a trimmer they will get better build quality product. Every time quality does not depend on price.

Materials of the blade:

You should consider the material of the blade while buying a trimmer. The main function will be performed by the blade.

Carbon steel blade:

The carbon steel blade gives you appropriate looks if you have dense beards. There is a downside to it. There is a tendency to rust. This type of blade is not durable. If the carbon steel is coated with titanium then, in that case, it can resist rust.

Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel is the most common choice. It is durable, sharp and does not susceptible to rust. It will be the best decision for you while buying a trimmer.


Ceramic blades are very sharp. If you are cautious while trimming then you should use this type of blade. The blade can break due to miss handling it.


The titanium blade is very strong. It can resist corrosion and rust. But it is very expensive.

Time while charging the battery:

This means how much time is taken by your trimmer while the charging. Generally, a trimmer takes 4 to 5 hours during the time of charging. It runs for 90 minutes.

The cheap type of trimmers will promise you that the charging time is one hour. But it stops working while you are on the process of shaving.

Run time of trimmers battery:

The run time of the trimmer’s battery mainly important for people who want to buy a cordless trimmer. It means you can operate the device without shutting down it. If you buy cheap trimmer the running time of the battery last a maximum of 10 minutes. Always assure the brand before buying any trimmer.

Hair stubs settings:

Most of the hair trimmers have a lack of hair stubs settings. While you are picking any trimmer always check the hair stub settings. It is a number through which you can trim your beard as per your wish. The ranges of the settings are from 0mm to 10mm. Through this length settings, you can cut your beard as per your requirement of style.

Additional features:

If you are searching for any basic model trimmer before buying the product you should check the features. The features are vacuum system, pop up ear trimmer, turbo trimming mode, and nose trimmer.

Pricing and budget of the trimmer:

Costly things always are not better and budgeted things always are not cheap quality.

Cheap trimmer stops working in the middle of your trimming. But in the case of the budget trimmer, this trimmer does not stop in the middle of trimming. You will get the best trimmers in India under 1000. Before check out any trimmer always keep in mind the above-mentioned points.


With modern features and stylish design, the PhilipsQT4011/15 takes the first place in the list of best trimmers. If you want to know about the top 7 best trimmers under 1000 in india which is available in the market go through our article. You will get to know every detail.

Philips QT4011/15 Cordless and Cord Beard Trimmer


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