Top 10 Best Water Dispensers in India 2020 – Reviews

Nowadays, water dispensers have become an inseparable part of any home or office space. In simple words, this is a device which cools and dispenses water. There are many companies which are dealing with water dispensers. Hence, choosing the best device is easier said than done.  We have listed the top most selling water dispensers’ brands available online in India.

Usually, these devices are installed in home, office, gym, or any small space to provide the hot, cold, or normal water as per the user’s desire. Simply put, water dispenser eliminates the task of filling water bottles and storing them in the refrigerator. For those who want to have refrigerating space in your water dispenser that offers the essential chilling space for a small container, beverages, and drinks.

Top 10 Best Water Dispensers in India 2020

S.No. Product Listing Links
1 Voltas Prime F Water Dispenser
2 Atlantis AWD-0042
3 Usha Instafresh Cooling Cabinet Water Dispenser
4 Blue Star Premium Normal Standing Water Dispenser
5 Blue Star BWD3FMRGA Star
6 Voltas Mini Magic Pearl-R Water Dispenser
7 Voltas Mini Magic Pearl-F
8 Blue Star Bottom Loading Water Dispenser
9 Voltas Pearl Black Water Dispenser
10 Atlantis Xtra Table Top Water Dispenser

Best Water Dispensers in India

1. Voltas Prime F Water Dispenser

This is one of the best models form well-known brand Voltas. An amazing machine of Voltas comes with three faucets to provide hot, cold, and normal water. One who needs good capacity and a cooling space then this dispenser is best for him because of its ample capacity and cooling space at the bottom. In this cooling space, you can easily put up the drinks.

This dispenser consumes 80 watts only while cooling the water, and it can be easily stored in any space.

Voltas Prime F Water Dispenser


Features –

  • Comes with cooling cabinet.
  • Sleek and piece of extraordinary engineering.
  • Have 3 faucets for hot, cold and normal water.

Cons –

  • The cooling cabinet is a bit less effective.

2. Atlantis AWD-0042

Atlantis Xtra Floor Standing Water Dispenser is uniquely designed and provides you hot, cold, and normal water instantly and to do so, it has three faucets. For the cooling process, it requires 110 watts of power. You can easily install this dispenser at any place.

Atlantis AWD-0042


Features –

  • Has a storage cabinet at the bottom.
  • Comes with 3 different faucets.
  • Efficient in power consumption.

Cons –

  • There is no cooling system in the storage cabinet.

3. Usha Instafresh Cooling Cabinet Water Dispenser

This amazing and efficient from the Usha, which is a popular name in home and kitchen appliances industry is something you must go for. Dispenser provides you normal, hot & cold water outlets. For safety purposes, the company provides anti-bacterial cure with chic faucets. The cabinet is corrosion-resistant, which makes it highly durable.

Cooling cabinet capacity of the dispenser is 18L, which makes it best for the offices which have a considerable workforce. Cooling functionality is so efficient that it works wonderfully even in hot Indian weather.

Usha Instafresh Cooling Cabinet Water Dispenser


Features –

  • Equipped with 3 stylish faucets.
  • Superior cooling functionality.
  • Cooling cabinet has an 18L capacity.

4. Blue Star Premium Normal Standing Water Dispenser

If you want to choose a dispenser which has a wide range of functions, then no other than Blue Star Premium Normal Standing Water Dispenser is best for you. As you know, Blue star is a quite popular brand and deals in all types of cooling and refrigeration products.

Besides that, this dispenser also has ample cooling storage for refrigerating small items.

Blue Star Premium Normal Standing Water Dispenser


Features –

  • High-quality cooling functionality.
  • Ample cooling storage.
  • 3 stylish faucets.

5. Blue Star BWD3FMRGA Star

Designed and manufactured at International standards of safety and measurements Blue Star BWD3FMRGA Star water dispenser is one of its kind. Facilitated with the gravity-driven arrangement, it gives out water in a well-ordered way.

The dispenser has three outlets first for cold water, 2nd for normal water, and the third one provides hot water. You can use these outlets for coffee, tea, and other usages as well.

Blue Star BWD3FMRGA Star


Features –

  • Consumes very low power.
  • Single faucet with 3 piano buttons.
  • Efficient compressor.

6. Voltas Mini Magic Pearl-R Water Dispenser

Another one from the very famous Indian brand Voltas which deals in home appliances and delivers numerous products related to cooling and refrigeration. This range of Voltas is launched to provide amazing cooling at very low power consumption. This dispenser is no exception because it needs only 86 watts for proper functioning. As like others you will get 3 faucets in this as well.

When it comes to the capacity then this dispenser then it is best for small offices and homes.

Voltas Mini Magic Pearl-R Water Dispenser


Features –

  • Extremely easy to use and has wonderful heating and cooling capacity.
  • 3 outlets which are easily cleanable.
  • LED indicators for notification.

7. Voltas Mini Magic Pearl-F

This is the combined effort of Indian brand Voltas and an American brand Micronic. This water dispenser comes with a single faucet and has 3 different piano buttons to provide hot, cold, and normal water.

The dispenser has a highly efficient compressor and has an environment-friendly friendly feature.

Voltas Mini Magic Pearl-F


Features –

  • Made up of food-grade stainless steel.
  • 3 piano buttons with lock.
  • Highly efficient compressor and identical in shape and size.
  • Easily installable and user-friendly.

8. Blue Star Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Almost every standard dispensers provide jar fitting slot at the top, but this one from Blue star enables you to install the jar at the bottom. This means you will require less physical work and can easily install it.

This kind of devices is built to install anywhere inside the office or household because of their advanced features and no need for big space.

Blue Star Bottom Loading Water Dispenser


Features –

  • Bottom loading water dispenser to ease the installation process.
  • Efficient and ideal for small families.
  • Very stylish design.
  • Easily cleanable and user-friendly.

9. Voltas Pearl Black Water Dispenser

You might wonder why the list of top 10 Best Water Dispensers in India 2020 has more dispensers than any other brand. You will get your answer if you ask any professional. Voltas makes high-quality products with amazing features. Same applies to the Voltas Pearl Black Water Dispenser.

You will get 3 water outlets for hot, cold and normal water. This dispenser has a cabinet to store small things for cooling purpose.

Voltas Pearl Black Water Dispenser


Features –

  • Equipped with cooling cabinet.
  • Non-CFC refrigeration system.
  • Enough water storage capacity for homes and small offices.

Cons –

  • A bit expensive

10. Atlantis Xtra Table Top Water Dispenser

Last but not least is from Atlantic Xtra Table Topwater dispenser 4-liter water capacity and consumes only 500 watts of power. Atlantis offers many other dispensers, but this one is unique due to its size and affordable rates.

This dispenser has nearly 5 liters per hour heating capacity, which is enough for any household or office. The machine is compatible with any setting and can be easily installed at any space.

Atlantis Xtra Table Top Water DispenserCheck-price-reviews

Features –

  • A different outlet for each kind of water.
  • 4L capacity.
  • Small and elegant design.

Cons –

  • Chances of water spilling.

Personal Recommendation

Smart consumers don’t overlook the quality just because of the price. You can get numerous dispenser on the internet, but if you are having trouble finding the right one for you, then we solved this big problem. If you are looking for a dispenser which is highly efficient and provides numerous features, then you must go for Blue Star Bottom Loading Water Dispenser.

Blue Star Bottom Loading Water Dispenser


Why Should You Buy a Water Dispenser?

Installing a water dispenser provides numerous benefits whether you install it at the gym, home, or at the office. You will get purified water, and having pure water, just a press away will inspire you to consume more and more water. At the same time, you save a lot of money and eliminate the chances of water wastage at your place.

Different Types of Water Dispensers

Usually, water dispensers have two types- Electric and Non-Electric. The difference between two is you will get hot and cold water in Electric water dispensers only not in non-electric water dispensers.

Tabletop Water Dispensers

This type of water dispensers is suitable for places where there is not a high demand for water. Simply mean, where the number of users is not much. They are compatible with 5-liter water bottles which can be bought from any store. When it comes to technology, then they use the Peltier devices to turn the water cool and air pump machinery to hand out the water.

Freestanding Water Dispenser

The freestanding water dispenser can be positioned at any place on the floor and has a water bottle setting over the top of the dispenser.

Wall-Mounted Water Dispenser

This kind of water dispensers is mounted on the walls and known as a water fountain. They can handle the unceasing entry of the water from the primary source and use the refrigeration element to cool the water. Unused water goes to home drainage arrangement. Wall mounted water dispensers come with minor tank which can store a considerable amount of water so that you can quickly get your cold water without a single second delay.

Bottom-Load Water Dispenser

This type of dispenser is not being used widely, but they do provide an exceptional benefit. In this dispenser, you won’t need to lift those heavy bottles to put on the top of the dispenser. You just need to open the shove the bottle at the bottom. In modern design, you get the facility of providing water to the dispenser from the primary source. At the same time, you will get cold and hot water instantly.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Water Dispenser

If you really want to have the best machine for you then apart from kind of water dispenser you need to check the below factors as well.


You need to check the availability of water. We mean by this statement is to check if you are going to buy water bottles or you will get the water from the primary source of water at the place.


Different places need different sized water dispensers. For example, for the boats and RVs, you will need small sized, and for homes and offices, you will need bigger ones.


The price depends on size, application, and special features of the dispenser.

Best Water Dispenser – Some Additional Features

Below are some additional features you must check before you go to the market to buy a dispenser for you.

Hot & Cold Feature

There are many dispensers which not only used for the hot and cold water but also best for preparing tea and cooking food.

Purification Arrangement

Check the water purification arrangement of the machine you are going to purchase in order to save yourself from the uninvited diseases.

Cup Holders

Many models have external or internal space for holding drinking cups.

Drip Tray

Check if your dispensers have detachable drip tray or not because removable drip trays are easy to clean.

Conversion Kits

This is an essential feature which is for supporting the POU systems in supplying water from the available lines of water.

Hot Water Safer Faucet

This is for the safety purpose and saves the unintended water dispensation while dispensing the water.

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