Top 7 Best Curling Irons in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Hair is an image of femininity for a woman. It is considered as a crucial part of every woman. Most women naturally have straight hair, sometimes they do not like it. They wish to have curly hair which makes them more beautiful and attractive. There are different types of curling iron available in the market. We are going to discuss the top 7 best hair curler in India 2020. In the previous time, there were some traditional methods for hair curling. Sometimes they can damage your hair as well as scalp. Curling Iron is the most convenient and easiest way to curling your hair. There are few curling iron brands available in the market but we have mentioned best hair curler brand in India.

Top 7 Best Hair Curler in India 2020 Under 1000 INR

S.No. Product Listings Link
1 Havells HC4031 Chopstic Hair Curler
2 Vega Long Hair Curl Curling Iron
3 Philips BHB862 Hair Curler (Black/White)
4 Ikonic CT25mm Curling Tong
5 Rozia Hair Curling Iron
6 Ozoy 2 in 1 Combo Hair straighter and Curling Iron
7 Inalsa Stylo Hair Curler

1. Havells HC4031 Chopstick Hair Curler

This is the first product comes in our list of the hair curler. Havells is a very popular brand in India. This brand got famous due to its high quality and performance. HC series is the best series among all the female personal grooming products in India.

Some important factors made it a high priority list. These are designs, technology, built and performances. It has an amazing technology named PTC technology. This technology differentiates the curler from any other curler in the market. This technology heats the curling iron within 60 seconds. While turning on the product there is an LED indicator that illuminates a red light. The power cord is durable and made of the material of rubber.

Havells HC4031 Chopstic Hair Curler


Features –

  1. It consumes the power of 25 watts. It does not affect your electric bill.
  2. Ergonomic and stylish design.
  3. Heats up within 60 seconds.
  4. Safety stand.
  5. LED Indicator.
  6. The highest temperature of 190 degrees celsius.
  7. Plates are ceramic coated.

2. Vega Long Hair Curling Iron

The brand Vega is very well known and popular for it’s for its amazing personal care products and customer service. This is a very trusted brand. Many beauty experts and fashion professionals have recommended this brand. If you desire to have the glamorous and curly hair then VHCH-04 is the best hair curler in the brand Vega. Through this curler, you will get vintage curl, tight curls, in a few minutes.

There is a long barrel with 210 mm and the diameter is 22 mm. You can adjust the temperature from 120-degree celsius to 200 degrees Celsius as per your necessity.

The curler contains an LCD display for observing the level of the temperature. Also, it has a long cord that can rotate 360 degrees. Moreover, it is less expensive to buy.

Vega Long Hair Curling Iron


Features –

  1. LCD display.
  2. Easy to access
  3. Ceramic plates.
  4. Clamp and cool tip.
  5. Long cord(5 meters).
  6. Long barrel(210 mm).
  7. Comfortable grip.
  8. 24 months warranty.

3. Philips BHB862 Hair curler (White or Black)

Philips is the most famous and trustworthy household appliances throughout in India. It got its popularity due to the quality of the product and the service. When the hair curler products come Philips is exceptional. The model from the famous brand Philips BHB862 is the most convenient and comfortable curler in the market. Philips BHB862 is the best Philips hair curler in India.

Due to the distribution of heat, this curler is protectively coated with ceramic. Due to this feature, this curler prevents the damage of the hair. The diameter of the curler is 16 mm and it is the best curler for bouncy hair, tight curls, and ringlets that stays last longer. There is a cool tip in the end part of the barrel it will help you to handle the curler safely

If you want long-lasting curl in your hair you can fix the temperature at 200-degree celsius. There is an LED light the notifies the temperature level. This is the best curler for kind of hair-long, medium and short. This is the best hair curler in India under 2000.

Philips BHB862 Hair curler (White or Black)


Features –

  1. LED light indicator
  2. Heat up very fast.
  3. Swivel cord.
  4. A high temperature of 200 degrees celsius.
  5. After 60 minutes automatically turn off.
  6. 24 months warranty.
  7. LED indicator which blinks.
  8. Cool tip for safety use.

4. Ikonic CT25mm Curling Tong

Ikonic is a start-up company. Many of you do not hear about this brand. But it has won the trust of many people in India due to the quality and affordable products. Many beauty professionals and hair stylists use this due to its performance.

Due to its elegant structure and simple configuration, it wins the heart of the customers. The barrel is 25 mm with ceramic coated which is very smooth and long-lasting. Ceramic coating is provided by which the heat can not damage your hair. The barrel heats up within 30 seconds. You do not need to wait for a long time to style your hair. There is a clamp to hold your hair during the time of styling.

According to your needs, you can fix the level of the temperature in the barrels. Also, there are some amazing features in this product these are overheated protection and automatic shut off.

Ikonic CT25mm Curling Tong


Features –

  1. Heat up within 30 seconds.
  2. The barrel which is 25 mm.
  3. Cost-effective.
  4. Ceramic coating.
  5. Grip with Slip-free features.
  6. Protection from overheating.
  7. 12 months warranty.
  8. Auto turns off.

5. Rozia Hair Curling Iron

Rozia is a local Indian brand. It has manicure kits to straighteners. This brand is exceptional due to the use of genuine materials and high-quality products. This is the best product for thick and long hair.

If you curl your hair with this curler it stays over a week. You will get the long-lasting finish due to its PTC element. This curling iron can heat up within 90 seconds. There are 2 levels of temperature adjustments. You have to choose any option according to your hair styling requirements. There is a 360-degree cord which can rotate efficiently as per the requirements.

Rozia Hair Curling Iron


Features –

  1. PTC technology.
  2. LED indicator.
  3. Ceramic technology.
  4. Perfect for all.
  5. Easy to access.
  6. Rotating cord.
  7. 2 levels of adjustable temperature.

 6. Ozoy 2 in 1 Combo Hair Straightener and Curling Iron

The next product on the list is Ozoy which is a local brand. It is newly launched in the market. This curler is designed with the good quality of materials. Here we have mentioned only the curl irons. But Ozoy is different than the other product due to its 2 in 1 feature. It means this curl irons have straightening and curling features. Through a switch, you can convert the mode.

The barrel is coated with ceramic. The coating is provided through which the hair cannot get damage. The clamp is not tight. Its weight is very light so you can carry it very easily in your bag. The barrel heats up in 60 seconds. The manufacturer has provided a guarantee of  6 months in the product. This is the best hair straightener and curler in India.

Ozoy 2 in 1 Combo Hair Straightener and Curling Iron



  1. It is easy to access.
  2. 2 in 1 feature with curler and straightener.
  3. Safety product.
  4. 360-degree swivel cord.
  5. Easy curling and gliding.

7. Inalsa Stylo Hair Curler

This is the last product on the list. Inalsa is a Spanish brand that has 50 years’ experience to provide top-quality personal care and home products throughout the world. This hair curler considered as the best curler by beauty professionals and hairstylists. It is very helpful for making the wavy curls, tight curls, and spirals curls within less time.

You can curl your hair without any issues. There is a feature of adjustable temperature through which you can adjust the temperature as per your necessity. For safety purposes, a cool tip is provided. When the required level of temperature reaches the LED indicator will indicate through its illuminating property. The manufacturer has provided the warranty of 365 days of the product. This is the best hair curler in India under 1000.

Inalsa Stylo Hair Curler


Features –

  • Cool tip.
  • LED indicator.
  • Comfortable warranty
  • 360-degree cord
  • Safety guard.
  • Curling barrel (16 mm)

Things to consider while buying the best hair curler in India

Buying guide plays an important role while buying any product and features. There are some important factors which you have to consider while buying any curling iron. These are the quality of the material, barrel type, temperature settings.  

1. Quality of the material –

Every curl iron is not made with the same type of material. Different materials have different functions. It depends upon the individuals while choosing the material type and the budget range.

  • Gold and chrome: These are good conductors for heating. But there is a problem that can not heat up evenly and they are not capable to manage the frizz.
  • Stream barrel: It is perfect for the people who have limp and thin hair. This material releases the heat steam which helps to curl your hair.
  • Titanium: It is the most cost-effective and popular material for curling. Since it is very lightweight, durable, and releases the heat quickly. It is very suitable for heavy hair which does not maintain the curling.
  • Tourmaline and ceramic: Ceramic is very useful due to consistent and fast heat. The latest curler is the mixed up of Tourmaline and ceramic materials. This is the most reliable curling iron in the market due to its safe and evenly heating the property.

2. Barrel type –

The barrel size is the most important factor while purchasing the curling iron. There are different sizes of barrels available in the market. These are short, medium and long.

Ultra-small: If your length of hair is short or medium the 0.75-inch barrel is perfect for you. It is the perfect one for those who have the desire to have curved hair by obtaining tight curls.

Small:  If you have the hair length of a short-medium it is the better way to use the size of 0.75-1 inch. It is the best option for people who desire to have a ringlet and tight curls.

Medium: It is best or the people who want beautiful curl in the medium hair. It is recommended to use the size of 1 to 1.75 inches barrel. You will get pretty, casual, and polished waves in less time.

Large: If the length of your hair is long, then 2 inches barrel curling iron is the best option for you. It will give your hair stylish and bouncy looks.

3. Temperature or heat setting –

There are two heat settings in the curling iron these are off and on. By the adjustment of temperature settings will help you to use for thick and fine hair in homes. 175-degree Celsius is the perfect temperature to curl thick and fine hair between the temperature of 300 degrees and 340 degrees.


During the time of buying any curler, you have to remember some important points these are Indicator, temperature control, LCD display, and the size of a barrel. The curling iron is the best option to give you a wavy, vintage and tight hair. We are sharing different types of curling iron available in the market. There are various reviews regarding top 10 hair curler in India but we have mentioned the reviews of top 7 curlers in India. If you want to buy a curling iron read this article to know about the features of it.

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